I am Bob Nomad, Traveler, Musician, Paramedic, Climber, Navigator, Digital Nomad.
I have published today an article on my blog for the international press in three languages Italian, English and Spanish.
The article is written by me in first person about my story for the creation a artist Bob Nomad and for the presentation of my event Bob Nomad with BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP, a round of the world sailing, in steps from a sailing boat to another, brings a message of peace, love and unity.
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Bob Nomad, Traveler, Musician, Paramedic, Climber, Navigator, Digital Nomad.



Bob Nomad with BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP, a round of the world sailing, in steps from a sailing boat to another, brings a message of peace, love and unity.




For this trip BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP the goals of Bob Nomad are:
- Bring a smile to anyone in any way possible: street art, music, magic, health prevention or a simple joke
- First aid medical assistance as a nurse to people in need and arranging transportation to hospital
- First aid course free access to all sections of the population
- Donation of 20 first aid kit
- Allowing patients with chronic diseases adequate access to drugs and suitable facilities







Traveler not a tourist … in my identification travel is a profession!
I have traveled throughout Europe, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey … A thousand adventures and memories!
In one of my first trips to Corsica with a scooter, reading Vespa Giorgio Bettinelli, in 2011 from Pisa to Benicassim, for the Rototom, walking for a month, in 2013 for two months in Morocco, with the ascent of Toubkal, and in the south to Tarfaya, with 10000km paths.
With a time of one month, a lunar cycle, the encounter Rainbow Gathering accompanied me often in my travels,
I celebrated twelve full moons dancing around the campfire and eating in a circle with the whole world family rainbow.



Playing guitar on the street and in restaurants to finance travel costs, but only when you really need to spend, you spend money … in the end the best way to not spend money is simply not spending it, be aware when you buy


something, but in the end you always see how everything we buy is useless.
I love music in all its style, but not the music of the god of money.


My dream as a nurse is to travel free and independent, helping others without tickets.
Dream freely, as long as I am free to dream, the sailing ship BOB NOMAD FLY.


The evolution of the trip in BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP the fact BOB NOMAD will fly, a dream for now created in the head brick by brick, BOB NOMAD FLY set up a sailing ship as a small emergency hospital to bring free medical care to anyone in need without discrimination.


Over the years dedicated to the study in Pisa; climbing, mountaineering, video-blogger, reading and travel arrangements. Are the activities that I preferred


but I spent most of my time in the Apuan Alps.
Travelling took me on peaks over 3000 meters; Etna, Teide, Toubkal.



BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP is a dream, in 2008 I traveled to Kenya in the middle of the Indian Ocean with a sailboat made of wood, with a lot of whales close to the boat. Here this trip,by mistake, came a book that changed my life, error, because I thought it was a book about the sickness of Africa, instead he spoke of the Sea of Africa, meaning sea or rather as Ocean, authors Elisabetta and Carlo of Barca Pulita, who through his books I have dodreaming for years, studying medicine in Pisa.

Digital Nomad


Creator of and, the latter a social network for travelers nomads through profiles communicate with other community members, exchanging connections nomadic hospitality, steps in car and boat, food, drink and travel information, busker, work, volunteer, alternative life, countries, visa, and much more. 

Bob Nomad makes work as a freelance photo-video services, SEO, websites, web marketing and invests the proceeds in travel gear or work.


BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP, a round of the world sailing, in steps from a sailing boat to another, brings a message of peace, love and unity.

BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP all updates will be posted on the website