BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans

boat-stop-2016BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans during which Bob Nomad will spread the message of peace, love and unity and bring smiles, support and happiness everywhere starts in January 2016 in Canary Islands.


Boat Hitchhiking is a way of travelling, just like normal hitchhiking but with a boat instead of a car. Actually, it is mostly sailing boats you hitchhike on, as it is both a more ecological and more economical way to travel, but above all because there is nothing like the feeling of being in the rythm with the wind and the sea.

BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans will start in January 2016 and foresees the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Brazil; the crossing of the Pacific Ocean from Panama to Indonesia; the crossing of the Indian Ocean and, through the Suez Channel, come back into the Mediterranean see approximately 1 year after.

The goals for the BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans are:

- Give a smile as a present to everybody I will meet along the road in any possible way: through street art, music, preventive healthcare or a simple joke.

- Use my paramedic skills whenever necessary including organizing an urgent transportation to the hospital.

- Give a first aid workshop for everybody.

- Donate 20 fully equipped first aid emergency kits to 20 communities in need.

- Look after patients with chronic diseases and so that they can have access to the right therapies, at the right time, for the right amount, with quality medicaments.

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And this time there is a special supporter accompanying Bob Nomad on his BOAT STOP 2016 – a big backpack full of medical equipment, climbing gear, instruments, magic tricks, a mini – video projector, balloon figures for children and a hard-disk full of movies and books in all kind of languages and for every age.

Bob Nomad stands for the idea of a healthy and social way of life in solidarity and with his big special backpack he will bring smiles, support and happiness wherever he goes. is a TRAVELER, a MUSICIAN, a PARAMEDIC, a CLIMBER, a NAVIGATOR and – last but not least – a DIGITAL NOMAD