Bob Nomad together with BOB NOMAD FLY spread the message of peace, love and unity and bring smiles, support and happiness to every place in the world. is a TRAVELER, a MUSICIAN, a PARAMEDIC, a CLIMBER, a NAVIGATOR and – last but not least – a DIGITAL NOMAD


BOB NOMAD FLY is an ecological sailing boat made for the ocean with high technical standards. It carries a special equipment for a special team helping other special people, whoneed help in some god-forsaken places nobody can reach – apart from those who are like them. We are all special. We are all unique.

Workshops and courses are hold on BOB NOMAD FLY, which is also a centre of education and resarch. Environment, nutrition, Ecology, music, street art, biology, scuba diving and medicine are just some of the things you can learn about.

A small hospital made out of a cabin is a special characteristic of BOB NOMAD FLY, that has all medical equipment (ultrasound, ECG, X-ray) to make a diagnosis and if it is necessary even an internet connection with a specialist can be installed. Besides, there is of course everything you need for emergencies and first aid cases.

Open for visitors from all over the world you find a lot of entertainment on board of BOB NOMAD FLY like instruments, magic tricks, a mini – video projector, balloon figures for children and a hard-disk full of movies and books in all kind of languages and for every age.




The goals for BOB NOMAD FLY – sailing the world oceans are:

Give a smile as a present to everybody… meet along the road in any possible way: through street art, music, preventive healthcare or a simple joke.

- Use a medic skills whenever necessary including organizing an urgent transportation to the hospital. A small hospital made out of a cabin is a special characteristic of BOB NOMAD FLY, that has all medical equipment.

- Give a first aid workshop for everybody.

- Donate fully equipped first aid emergency kits to communities in need.

- Look after patients with chronic diseases and so that they can have access to the right therapies, at the right time, for the right amount, with quality medicaments.

On the website of there will be regular updates of the BOAT STOP 2016 trip and you can find a travel diary, photos and videos published there. Sign up for the newsletter so you get all updates by email and you won’t miss a single one.

In order to start this adventure there are some resources needed and this is why Bob Nomad asks those people for help who have the possibility to give a small donation to support the realization of the project of BOB NOMAD FLY.

Bob Nomad brings smiles, support and happiness to places in this world where you ,who is reading this right now, were probably lucky enough not to be born. So for a redistribution of resources in this world – give a smile, support Bob Nomad and make a donation for BOB NOMAD FLY that comes from your heart.





On the website of there is a special part dedicated to those who donated.

The companies interested in supporting this project can get their logo added on this website and on the sailing boat. For further information please use our contact form.