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boat-stop-2016I’m Bob Nomad, and I have the pleasure to write on behalf of the website and the project BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans. it’s a website that promotes and fosters spreading smiles through the artist behind it, Bob Nomad: Traveler, Musician, Paramedic, Climber, Navigator and Digital Nomad. Spreading smiles it’s my main goal: “Give a smile as a present” through solidarity and bring a message of peace and love.

To achieve this goal I will use events, workshops, street art, music, video screenings, preventive healthcare courses and fun and I will set up spaces for other cultural, artistic and educational activities.

Bob Nomad it’s me, 27 years old, full time traveler, but also male nurse and firefighter. Besides traveling, my passions are medicine, the web, photography, social issues, mountaineering, sailing and street art. I can communicate in Italian, English, Spanish and French and always open to learn new things.

The visitors of are many and colorful! The projects that I want to realize will show how it’s possible to help people everywhere without discriminations, with mutual respect, under common moral and ethic values, in peace, to foster the idea of multiculturalism and community in a world without borders, for a free and permanent education as an essential value of our society. is itinerant and interactive and the first part of the project is called BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans for which I ask a contribution.

BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans will start in January 2016 and foresees the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Brazil; the crossing of the Pacific Ocean from Panama to Indonesia; the crossing of the Indian Ocean and, through the Suez Channel, come back into the Mediterranean see approximately 1 year after.

The goals for the BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans are:

- Give a smile as a present to everybody I will meet along the road in any possible way: through street art, music, preventive healthcare or a simple joke.

- Use my paramedic skills whenever necessary including organizing an urgent transportation to the hospital.

- Give a first aid workshop for everybody.

- Donate 20 fully equipped first aid emergency kits to 20 communities in need.

- Look after patients with chronic diseases and so that they can have access to the right therapies, at the right time, for the right amount, with quality medicaments.

In order to achieve all these goals I’m in need of financial cooperation which will be rewarded as cooperators will appear on:

- The sailing boat, flag and logo of

- Video Screenings: all videos will introduce the cooperating firms, agencies, etc.

- Web site: cooperators will of course have their space on the website either through banners or articles.

- YouTube videos: will be regularly posted and, on request, cooperators can appear.

- Photo albums on Facebook and Picasa: on request every gallery will be preceded by the logos of the cooperators.

Cooperating to the project means covering the expenses of BOAT STOP 2016 THE TRIP – sailing the world oceans which are estimate around €20,000. There will be one main collaborator but no more than 10 cooperators participating in the project.

I look forward to receiving your feedback on this project and I am available for a personal or Skype meeting.

Thank you very much for your time

Sincerely yours,